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    I have been training Zone 2 since Feb 2022. I started with an AeT of 135. I have progressed to 144. I wear a Polar 10 chest strap. I am currently on Week 7 of the 24 Week Mountaineering Plan. Today I ran 10 miles in 1:49. At the beginning of the run, I stayed under my AeT. During the second half of the run, I needed to drastically slow down to stay under AeT, but I felt fine. I decided to run by breathing through my nose only during last roughly 30 minutes. My HR was around 152, but I felt fine. It was very humid and around 80 degrees F.

    I can manipulate the .TCX file to justify several AeT’s, depending on where I was on the run…I normally record the entire run and cut the first 15-20 minutes off. The HR spikes are from running pick-ups, which I know skew the results a bit.

    Is my AeT of 144 too low?
    Is the climate a significantly impacting my heart rate on the back half of my run?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks – Josh

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    Shashi on #67966


    If you are planning to redo the AeT test, do a good warm-up of 15-20 minutes and get your heart rate to your estimate of AeT (say 150). Then try and maintain your heart rate around 150 for one hour.

    Humidity and temp will also impact your heart rate during the run.

    juljit58 on #68037

    Yes, the climate often influences your heart right especially when you’re on a run. Just like going to an extremely hot place like the desert, your heart h]goes up under hot temperatures. Meanwhile, when you are stuck in extremely cold weather or a snowstorm, you are at risk of hypothermia wherein your heart rate slows down.

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