HR drift and variability in Z2 on treadmill

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    Good morning and thank you in advance!
    I am 53, and have ADS. I am a ‘born sprinter’, loved the 100m and 200m as high schooler, and last year bonked on Rainier at 12,500 and had to turn around. I had been doing hard 1 hour elliptical work outs and hiking and just didn’t realize this wasn’t going to work.

    I got home, started running last summer and fall, then decided to train for Rainier again and signed up. I have been doing 1 to 2 hour treadmill sessions over the winter with a 15% grade and speed starting at 2mph that gets my HR up to 120 (my AeT). My speed has increased over time from 2mph to 2.4 to get into a good range.

    I have been backing off on the treadmill speed by about 10% to keep my HR under that mark and more when my HR spiked. I have 2 questions:
    1)There is a lot of ebb and flow in my HR. It goes up to 124 and then down to 116. I used to micro-manage this with frequent adjustments in speed. Is this ok or should I just pick a slower speed to start?
    2) in a two hour workout should I allow my HR to drift up to 130 in the second hour if I can continue?

    Yesterday’s work out is attached. I started at 2.4 which I cut to 2.3 at the 30 min mark as my hr started to increase significantly. I kept the treadmill at 2.3mph and 15% incline and finished with last 40 min average HR of 123, max of 131, and min of 112.

    Be a micro-manager, start easier, or just let it go and take the averages?
    Thank you!
    Greg Ehle
    Colchester, VT

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