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    Just got back from successfully climbing the Matterhorn (10 hours) and some other Alpine climbs. I followed the 24 week plan as I had loads of time to train and swapped one running day for an indoor climbing wall day. I was only tired for a day after 4 days of alpine climbing so recovery for some reason was quite good. As with every trip I will do a post performance self assessment.

    So I usually follow the principle of keeping a steady pace so I don’t burn out and not have enough energy for summit and back without falling asleep. I like to enjoy the climbs and take in the scenery. This does not sit well with a lot of guides in my experience and I don’t want to get kicked out of expensive trips based on what I consider is a good pace for me.

    So how can I train to get faster without sacrificing energy and burning out? I live at sea level with no steep hills or tall buildings so use the stair master. Is it just the case of training harder by ascending more steps on the stair mill?


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    Anonymous on #28290

    Our entire training philosophy is based on improving the aerobic capacity so that you can sustain a higher work output (move faster) for longer. Follow the precepts laid out in our books and in the 24 week training plan that aim to elevate your aerobic threshold speed. You can continue to improve this year after year with consistent training of this style.

    It sounds to me like you had good success with following this plan. Keep doing that. Since you live a sea level and do not have regular access to mountains you will never move as fast as a guide who spends ever day climbing at altitude. The reason your guide is hurrying you is that speed is safety in the mountains. Stopping to enjoy the view is not as important for him or you as getting you up and down safely.

    There is no magic or short cut to getting faster. We try very hard to dispel that myth in all out writings. It just takes time and lots of training hours.


    shabias on #28339

    Thanks Scott 🙂

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