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    Matias Francis

    So I am in the midst of my Base period. My Main objective climb will take place around June 1st. Normally I would continue my specific training then start a taper before the climb. The problem is, starting on May 12th I am guiding on Denali. I am using this trip to acclimatize for my Alaskan objective. When I’ve acclimatized on Denali for routes in the past, its been less than 10 days roughly before we were on the route. But a guided trip could very possibly take upwards of 3 weeks. How do I factor this huge time in Z1/at altitude into my training plan? Thx

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    Anonymous on #35675


    In an ideal world you’d stick with what has worked in the past. From the sounds of it that’s not going to happen this time around. I assume your climb is going to be technically challenging and more physically demanding then dragging a sled up the West Buttress.

    You’re going to be well acclimated with all the time above 14,000ft that you are likely to be doing. That’s a good thing and can go a long way towards compensating for a small drop in fitness. It’s not like you’ll be doing nothing for those 3 weeks.

    For added training stress you might be able to carry a heavier load on some of the days.

    Other than this I can’t think of another way to get in extra training time other than ditching the clients for a couple hours on some days.


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