How to avoid fatigue at work (carpenter)

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    Adam Quinn

    I am starting my 2nd year of structured training using TFTNA . Last year I enjoyed a focused plan with lots of rest due to being off work due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year round will not be the same. I work as a carpenter in film and TV production , working 9hr shifts with the majority of my time spent working on concrete studio floors. I’m aware this time round I may be gathering fatigue that is not necessarily being translated to fitness. Is there anyway I should be tracking this and taking it into consideration along with my TP fatigue score?
    Also does anyone have any tips on how to minimise leg fatigue?



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    You’re not alone – there was a recent related discussion:

    From Scott J.:

    If you have any times during the day when you can get off your feet, elevate your legs, even for 10 min at a time this can help a lot. That and more active recovery like foam rolling and stretching. Can you get up extra early and do some training a few days a week before work. It’s easier to work with tired legs than to train after along hard day.

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