How to adapt training plan for a changed objective?

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    I am coming to completion of week 16 of the 24 week Mountaineering Plan. I started training on this plan with a goal of climbing Denali in early June. Unfortunately, that will not be happening (for reasons unrelated to training), so I am switching my objective to a technical alpine climbing trip in early July (Tetons or Alps).

    What is the best way to change my training for the new objective? Note, that I have been maintaining my technical climbing while training on the Mountaineering Plan.

    – Finish the Mountaineering Plan and then try maintaining my gains for another month, while also increasing the amount of technical climbing?

    – “Freeze” my current training for a month, concentrate on technical climbing and then finish the remaining portion of the plan in time for the trip?

    – Don’t worry about completing the Mountaineering Plan, switch to another plan, such as 8 Week Advanced Rock-Alpinist Training Plan?

    – Something else?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Shashi on #65093

    Is your endurance the biggest limitation for the climbs that you are planning to do? If yes, then you can continue with the Mountaineering Training Plan. You can extend the base period by four weeks to meet your timeline.

    I am assuming you have been doing a couple of days of climbing indoors/outdoors and can continue to build on that.

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