How much time off after a training cycle?

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    I guess 1-3 weeks is standard; are there any rules of thumb, e.g. relating volume of time off to volume/stress of training cycle?

    Asking as my volume over May-Sep was high relative to my own history. I would rather take more time off before beginning a new cycle than risk overtraining, the question is how much.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Shashi on #57931

    I have found a week off after a 24-week was enough rest for me. For my first training cycle, I averaged just under 9 hours/week and for my second cycle, it was close to 11 hours/week. My previous training volume (prior to starting UA training) was maybe 3-4 hours/week. Due to COVID, couldn’t travel much. But I might consider a longer break between two cycles if I am travelling with family.

    Also, I am not training for any race or event but for a climbing season and typically these are one-two day alpine climbs at less than 4000 m altitude. For people who train for high-altitude expeditions/big projects, I am guessing the recovery period/break after the climb would be much higher.

    Mariner_9 on #57961

    Thanks, Shashi.

    My inclination is to err on the side of too much time off as losing some fitness is (much) less consequential than overtraining.

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