Hip pain when mountaineering

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    Im 38 lead a very active life, I’m a career firefighter, workout regularly (CrossFit style) do a lot of weighted step ups, can ruck level terrain without issue. i noticed over the winter on mt Washington, and just this past week on rainier. I develop pain in my right hip when moving uphill under a load. It’s like an ache and it’s only in my right hip . It subsides right after the trip. It has never come up while doing lots of step ups with a weighted pack or any other activities .
    Anyone experience this? Not sure where to begin with preventive care etc.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #68822

    Maybe it’s a balance and coordination issue when moving on unstable/loose/snowy ground? Are you doing anything to train your balance and coordination?

    enyfd on #68823

    I am not, I will have to look into that. Thanks !

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