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    this all start back in 2018 when i was training for a spartan race. i was doing burpees and my lower back just started spasming, it took a week to calm down. then it was fine for awhile. i’ve thrown my back out by sneezing, pushing up on the couch to scoot myself back, i even went through a period of where bike riding would set it off. i’ve gone through PT and see several docs but it hasn’t gone away. lately last week i was doing turkish get ups and there went my back. this time i was really paying attention to what i looked liked and did some serious google searching/watching youtube for potential causes. my right hip was higher then my left, my hips and lower back right around the illac crest was all sore like i could put my thumbs on it. no amount of stretching would help or very little. like normal yesterday was a week and i’m mostly better, still a little sore. i tried doing some glute strengthing and it seemed to help. i’m thinking i have a muscle imbalance or weak muscles, guessing either glute med, psoas, and/or QL. any thoughts? suggestions?

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    juskojj on #57049

    I almost forgot, my left hip also clicks/pops, has for a long time.

    So maybe its my left side?

    juskojj on #57062

    Oh my left knee under knee cap, like patellar tendon is sore too
    Guessing everything is involved.

    rich.b on #57071

    Finding the right PT is challenging for sports-related issues, but that will help identify where the root(s) of your problem lie.

    Your description fits what I experienced this spring, with pain from the iliac crest across to the lumbar. Somehow made the wrong movement and the wrong time when I was tired. This occurred right before the summer when it was impossible to find an available sports PT but I had to do 10 days of fieldwork out of country involving carrying and lifting sampling equipment. Compensating for that problem set off a chain of issues. Although I had just had to let that inflammation calm down with time, an eventual visit to a PT confirmed my self-assessment that an (the?) underlying cause is an imbalance in strength and in particular for me the gluteus medius on one side – as you are suspecting. A by-product of all this has been an aggravated tensor fascia latae, which when aggravated after a harder run can cause tenderness in the ITB (and ultimately could impact stabilisation of the knee). Classic kinetic chain effect. This seems to be what you are describing, but it is useful to get help in identifying in your case what/where is the cause and what/where is the effect, so that the right muscles get targeted in a rehab program.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #57271

    Back pain is quite a complex issue. As Rich suggests it’s best to find some good PT or sports MD to figure out the problem and then show you how you can help yourself!

    jakedev on #57289

    Hi bud,

    So I have had similar imbalance issues after a bad herniated disc. I think my QLs were really imbalanced and tight. My chiropractor recommended this author named Peter Egoscue. Link below. It’s a long road and not an overnight fix, but in the long run it worked for me. I only have occasionally back tightness now after long runs or hikes. Hope to works for you.


    odellfamchiros on #58000

    Hi, Low back pain can have many causes; in fact, your pain may stem from more than one problem. With the help of chiropractic care, low back pain or any pain will become gone.
    chiropractic biophysics (CBP) Technique employs a protocol of x-ray diagnostics and multiple healing modalities to help your spine find its correct alignment, relieving joint stress and soft tissue strain. 🙂

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #63079

    OMG, don’t follow anything recommended by Tony Robbins, or a quick fix. Keep plugging away on finding a spine therapist, work gradually on increasing spine stability, increase general strength as tolerated. A high crest might be indicative of a lateral shift in the spine, ie: disc injury causing you to spasm off of the injured area.

    juskojj on #63081

    Insurance only allowed so much PT. I found a guy named Eric Wong and precison movement. His stuff seems solid, studied under Dr. Stuart McGill and overcame some pretty major back stuff as well

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