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    Mercedes Friend

    Hey all!

    I just started the group this last week. I’m lucky enough to live in Tacoma, WA. Is there a good benefit from trying to do as many of my long climbs as possible at Rainier on the way to Camp Muir? I’m assuming this would be helpful but I’m curious if I should wait until several weeks into the training to get a better base. I’ve attempted Rainier previously so I do know the grade but I’ve self-selected the base program since I’m coming out of a season of not training. Thanks! Also if anyone in the group is in the PNW and would like to join please let me know!

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    MarkPostle on #63530

    Welcome Mercedes! Sport specific training is hugely helpful for your goals. Certainly a few trips up to Rainier for your long days will be helpful when that’s possible but also thinking about the nature of the terrain (distance, steepness, footing) and finding training hikes that mimic it is helpful as well. Many times finding terrain that is similar but more local is helpful this time of year when its to wintery to train effectively up higher. Once you regain fitness a couple of “overreaching” long hikes where you get up in altitude a bit up on Rainier towards Muir may be helpful from a training perspective but also will be great yardsticks for where you’re at especially as we move into Spring/summer and the conditions on Rainier become better for climbing. Lots of PNW folks in the group so I am sure they’ll chime in as well.

    Mercedes Friend on #63531

    Thanks Mark! There are a few good hikes a bit closer to me that I may use initially then progress toward more training up higher. Appreciate the input and excited for the group!

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