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    Hello everybody! I’ve been putting in the hours, building the base and on today’s AeT test, at 175bpm the Pa:Hr was 2.40% ( http://tpks.ws/IIP3N3JYLEKQ7TI4FEYTRMETSU ). I was kinda struggling to keep the HR at 175 because it felt like hard running (on my body), even though I was going pretty slow (10-12km/h) and breathing only through my nose.

    I’m 33, a bit chubby (1.80/5’11, 87kg/191lb) and my running form is horrible (I mostly hike for training). Not sure about my AnT yet, last time I did the test (many months ago) was around 184.

    Is it a good time to introduce muscle endurance in my training? I don’t easy access to steep enough terrain for the workouts described in TftNA. Would you recommend the at home ME workout on this site or is it better to use a backpack and a box step?

    My goals are classic routes in the Alps this summer (around 2000m elevation gain). From May to July I’ll also do an alpine climbing course which will add a bit of a wild card in terms of weekly volume, but they say they require only basic fitness.

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    Shashi on #63754

    Estimating AeT using a heart rate drift test will become harder as you increase your AeT and is within 10% of AnT. A lab metabolic test might help and you can search for this topic on the website if you are interested.

    In terms of adding intensity, this article shares the details –

    When and How to Add High-Intensity Training: The 10 Percent Test

    For ME workouts, do you have access to stairmaster/stair machine?

    Alex on #63797

    Hi Shashi, I don’t have access to a stair machine unfortunately. I can step up and down a couple of steps with a backpack on or do the gym ME workout. Which would you recommend?

    Shashi on #63825

    The gym ME workout

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