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    Hey folks,

    New/old guy here. 40 year old firefighter transitioning to endurance training after years of strength and HIIT. Just completed a VO2 max/Aet/ANT test at my local peak performance centre. Haven’t had the chance for a follow up consultation from them and I’m hoping to get going on building my aerobic base asap.

    I’ve attached my test results. In my search through the threads, I’ve come to understand that someone with ADS can focus on more Zone 2 to better build an aerobic base. Am I understanding this correctly? My test has the upper end of Zone 1 at a HR of 116, which for me is a brisk walk. Anything jogging, bumps me up into Zone 2.

    The other area of question is that the place I had the test done suggests that measuring pace/speed is a more accurate way of staying in the different zones. Is this something that any of you use?

    Love the book TFTNA and really appreciate the community on these forums. T


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    OwenFW on #34642

    What does a pace-based threshold model mean when you get off the treadmill and the track and out on the trail? Nothing.

    Dada on #34669


    Do you have more information on your test results? Since zone concepts are from being standardized, I would be cautious with their recommendation. Did you get any information on where your AeT & AnT lie?


    PaulCB on #34671

    @OwenFW That my concern as well.

    They did give me my AeT and AnT, although they stated it in speed not HR (as you can see in the image I attached to this message). If I correspond the treadmill speed at which I reached my AeT and AnT to my HR then I get the following results:

    AeT: HR 116 – Top of Zone 1
    AnT: HR 165 (approx) – Top of Zone 2/Bottom of Zone 3

    I do consider myself as someone with ADS. So this large gap is not surprising. If I want to start building my aerobic base, then should I be focusing the majority of my aerobic workouts at or below a HR of 116?

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    jswell on #34676

    Your Zones are off if using the UA book. It may be better to match them up to avoid confusion. But your conclusion of using 116 or less for workouts is spot on.

    The top of Z2 would be 116 or AeT.
    The top of Z3 is AnT or 165.
    Z1 84-104
    Z2 105 to 116
    Z3 >116

    How long were the stages used for this test?

    Anonymous on #34687


    There’s been a bunch of great replies to your inquiry so I’ll try to keep mine brief.

    1) have you read this or this? Those will inform you as to whether this test has much value. The big questions will be: How much warm up did you do? How long were the stages?

    2) The very first stage netted an RER of .85 (50-50 fat and carb utilization) which would go along this your ADS thoughts. That same stage gave 1.93mMol/L of blood lactate with jives well with the .85 RER.

    3) They’ve call AeT = 116 which from this data looks very reasonable.

    4) a much better way to determine AnT is with this test.

    5) It would appear from this test I does seem you hare suffering from ADS and there is only one way to correct that: I consistent high volume of low to moderate intensity aerobic work for months.


    PaulCB on #34762

    Thanks so much for the replies!

    @jswell Thanks for the clarification on HR zones in relation to UA. That makes more sense to me now.

    @Scott Johnston Thanks for the reply and help with the results. I had not read the two articles you posted in your message. It was a case of going to the only place where I live that offers these tests and unfortunately I hadn’t thought of going to a university. The place works with athletes such as cyclists, long distance runners, swimmers and hockey players. I had spoken to them about my desire to focus on AeT and AnT, not VO2 max and they seemed to be on board. The warm up was 10 minutes on the treadmill and each stage of the test was 3 minutes long. Stage 8 is where I had to quit. So the test itself wasn’t quite 24 minutes long. It seems after reading the article about lab selection, that the warm up may have been too short. But the length of the stages seems good.

    Time to eat some humble pie and start speed walking my way to a better aerobic base. ADS sucks, but I look forward to the results of the consistent,low intensity training.

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