Haute Route Z3 Weighted Ski Clarification

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    This workout is upcoming but would appreciate clarification about the description. In one place it says to ski down without weight, in another place it says to hike down with weight. Which is intended option, and does it change if you have to do laps?


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    Anonymous on #35560

    This is for our Haute Route plan?

    If so, can you let me know the Week and Day of the workout? Then I can look it up in the plan. Thanks.

    terry on #35570

    Week 5, day 1.


    Anonymous on #35680

    Thanks for letting us know about this! Because it’s a ski touring plan, the intent is to ski up and down with the extra weight.

    The description has been edited, so you should see the corrected version in your plan.

    terry on #35689

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Anonymous on #36318

    Just wanted to confirm: Was the description automatically updated in your plan? It’s been changed in the master copy, but please let me know if that change didn’t flow through to yours. (If so, then it should update the next time you apply the plan.)

    terry on #36353

    Scott, it didn’t automatically update, but will let you know next time I apply the plan.

    All the best

    gearstvorg1 on #51950


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