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    I intend to use the 24 week expeditionary plan as my training for a planned trip to Annapurna IV in October 2019.

    I will be going to Mera peak in April – and am scheduled to return from Mera peak in the last week of April. I wanted to know whether it is advisable to take a couple of weeks off (or even more?), before starting with the transition period of the 24 week expeditionary plan: or indeed whether given that I have been training for Mera, it is better to not stop training and perhaps continue with a shorter break.

    Would be very grateful for any thoughts on how best I can get going with the 24 week plan post the Mera trip, many thanks!

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    Anonymous on #18111

    As with most questions concerning an individual’s personal training, the answer to this is “It Depends”. It depends on how fit you are now and how difficult the climb of Mera peak is for you. For someone with a very high fitness base a climb like Mera peak will not be much different than their typical weekly training load and they will recovery very quickly and be ready to start back to normal training after only the travel days. But if the the Mera climb entails more work on one day then you do in a week and you have to do this day after day then chances are that you will need the 2 weeks you are planning.

    Only you can know what your current level of fitness is and how much work you can handle before needing a significant rest/recovery period. I suggest being quite conservative when you come back from Mera. Take a week off. The then go do one of the harder workouts you did in the final weeks before Mera and see how you handle it.


    mihircn on #18123

    Thank you, Scott.

    Hopefully, the Mera climb will not involve more work on any one day (except perhaps the summit day, I am not sure how long this will take) than my usual weekly volume. I will do as you suggest: taking a week off and then seeing how I do on one of the harder workouts. Thanks.

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