Grand Teton in a day – plan recommendation?

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    Cory from Wisconsin

    I’m planning to climb the Grand in a day via the upper Exum in September. Light and fast is the idea.

    I have the 24 week mountaineering plan (which I’ve done twice), as well as the 12 week mountaineering plan, and I participated in last fall’s training group. My question is should I repeat one of these (or a subset for the 24 week plan) or would I be better served with one of the mountain running plans? I have never done one of the running plans, but I just had my meniscus cleaned up from an old injury, so I’m keen to pump up the running volume 🙂

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    pedro on #78439

    Hi ,

    Since your goal is running , the mountain run plans would better fit your goals .
    Just be careful with the running volumes , be conservative since you had a knee injury and running will cause more overall stress in the body.



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