Garmin watch and sync/pairing with TP's Calendar question

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    J R

    Hi all,

    I have a new Garmin 735TX and successfully paired it with my Training Peaks calendar.

    I did a short workout today to test my watch functions at home. Later I saw that it automatically synced and created a “workout” on my training calendar on TP’s. It created it’s own box for that workout on today’s date on the TP calendar. I also did a weight workout today that was already pre-populated on TP’s calendar. The Garmin watch did not put the data from the home exercise in my weight training workout box (and it shouldn’t) but rather created a new box for that workout automatically.

    So My question: Tomorrow, I have a workout pre-populated by my coach in my TP’s calendar for tomorrow. When I do the workout tomorrow and start and stop the activity on my Garmin watch, will it sync the results in the pre-populated box on tomorrow’s date on TP’s, or will it create a new box on that date because it did not know which workout I was doing? I would hope it would enter the data in the pre-populated workout box, but I don’t know how to tell it to do that.

    Hope the question makes sense , and thanks for any advice!!


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    OwenFW on #29102

    If the activity type matches up, it will automatically associate the planned workout and the actual workout. If it fails to do this automatically, you can drag and drop one onto the other in the calendar view and they will be paired. You can also unpair workouts if they pair up incorrectly. The color of the paired workouts in the calendar will alert you if you did much less or much more distance than programmed, or if you miss a workout.

    J R on #29105

    Thanks Owen!

    When you say “If the activity type matches up”, do you mean if I have a workout that seems like it was similar to what was pre-polpulated , it will know to match it, or do I need to “name” my workout on my watch with the same name as on TP’s for it to know to match?


    J R on #29108

    Also, I tried to drag and drop one workout box into an open workout box, but it wouldn’t drop into the other box.

    Any help appreciated!

    Anonymous on #29119


    For TP tech questions you will be best served by contacting TP Help desk. They are very responsive and helpful.


    OwenFW on #29149

    If you have a run programmed and you do a run, they will pair automatically. If you have a swim programmed and you do a swim, they will pair automatically. The activity type is what matters. I’ve never delved into the pairing rules in any detail, since it’s so easy to pair them manually if it doesn’t work automatically. Your watch probably has many more activity types that TP.

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