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    I was wondering if anyone has ideas of why I’m getting lower lactate readings at 200bpm than at 147bpm? i was super carful to not contaminate the blood and took the reading twice just to check. The first attachment was from today(13) and the second was from the day before(12). The first day had a low value that was probably contamination. However there is a series of low values in a row. Some where double tested to check. I re did the test today(13) to try different ways of getting rid of sweat. But got a similar result.
    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    For the first test (April 12th), your blood lactate rose above 2mmol/L after 10 minutes, and above 4mmol/L by 15 minutes. Did you warm up before the test, or just jump right into it? Give yourself plenty of time to gradually warm up – at least 20 minutes very easy.

    If the pace at 6 miles per hour / 10 minutes per mile is comfortable for you, my guess is that the warmup is the issue with your first test. By 30-40 minutes in, your aerobic system had time to come online, and consumed all of the excess lactate & pyruvate. So, that would suggest that you might still operating below your aerobic threshold at ~175bpm.

    The second test, though, seems to have a decent 15-20 minute warmup, although the initial 1.8mmol/L reading at five minutes seems a bit high.

    I’d suggest doing another test. Don’t even try to get an anaerobic threshold number. Instead, focus on the lower-intensity aerobic threshold. Start off with a long, very very easy warmup, and gradually increase the intensity. Also, remember that lactate test strips have a shelf life; maybe buy a new batch.

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