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    I’m an fast twitch athlete. From my “modest” experience in endurance training, I have the impression that I’m better at sprinting and longer events, but not in shorter events who needs high intensity aerobic effort above the AeT (like VK). At first, it seems a little be contradictory, but I guess it’s related to the strong lactate output of FT when they are recruted in shorter events run way above AeT.

    In XC skiing, the FT athletes (for ex. Northug or Klaebo) are very good at sprint events. They can also win longer mass start races because they have the kick at the end of the race if they can stay with the best until then. But they struggle at intensive aerobic “middle distance” races like pursuits when the lactate output is high and when they are alone. See the rivalry between Northug and Cologna (obviously ST athlete).

    Have other FT athletes experienced this situation (better sprint and slower,longer events, worse at high intensity aerobic “shorter” events)?


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    Dada on #56418

    Yes, here! Same experience.

    I’m pretty bad at events when muscular endurance is a striking factor as well.


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