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    I purchased a 12 week freeride plan and got to the first ME specific strength sessions last week. There are two workouts (workout #1 and workout #2) listed in the session followed by a core circuit. I assume I should complete both workout #1 and workout #2 in each session for a total of 8X 50 rep sets of 1/2 squats and also do the core circuit twice? (i.e. once between #1 and #2 and once after #2)?

    The first time I did this session I did only workout #2 and ended the session feeling like I could do a lot more. This week I did both workouts and it felt about right.

    In workout #2 is it okay to alternate the workouts, i.e. alternate 1/2 squats – dips and alternate bar hops and push-ups while adhering to the inter-set rest recommendations for each body part? Thanks!

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    floresrm on #59803

    Same question.
    Is it 4×50 (200 squats) or 8×50 (400 squats)?

    Anonymous on #59810

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Here is what the plan says for the second ME workout. The first bit that is labeled nomenclature is saying in text what is said below where is says workout#2. Some people have said that don’t understand 4x 50reps, And it explains that you need to time the first set The actual workout is just the part that says Workout #2.

    Sorry for the confusion. I’ll edit this for clarity.


    Workout #1-
    Do 4 sets of 50 repetitions of the 1/2 squat using 24-30% of your 1 rep max. Time this set. Rest 2x the duration of this 50 rep set between each set.

    Workout #2:
    -4x 50reps. rest for 1.5x work time each set
    Rest 60 sec
    -Box dips 3×20 reps with 60sec rest

    -Lateral Bar hops 4×50 reps. rest for 1.5x work

    -Push ups 3x max reps with 60se rest

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