Fractured Patella

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    Hey there, UA amigos.

    So, I fractured my patella (knee cap) on Christmas Day and am wondering if anyone else has dealt with the same injury (past or present). I’ll likely have the minor reduction surgery sometime next week (two screws in the knee cap). If you have some personal background with the injury, recovery and long-term prospects, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.


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    SFmike on #7729

    Hi, all.

    I’m reigniting this post/question one last time in case anyone has input. The original questions (above) still remain. UPDATE: I had the surgery and am supposed to start physical therapy soon. If any of you are located in San Francisco and have a recommendation for phys therapists, please let me know. So far, this part has been the hardest as I’m relying on a combo of Yelp reviews (a poor gauge for quality/specificity) and the odd referral from non-climbing friends so far.


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