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    Hello everyone,

    I’m currently in the last week of my Foundation for Rock Alpinists training plan. I’m training for a trip to the cirque of the towers one month from now – we’ll be packing in for 3 days and attempting a couple lines in the area. Since there’s just 4 weeks to my goal climb at this point I was planning to get into maintenance mode in August as opposed to repeating the 5wk training plan.

    My maintenance plan would be 1X weekly max strength workout, 1X climbing gym day, 1X crag day, 2X zone 2 runs/hikes, 1X yoga day and 1X rest day. Is this reasonable? I was surprised to find no ME component to the Foundation for Rock Alpinists plan. Should I add in some weighted carries on one of my zone 2 run/hike days to help with carrying camp/climb equipment up to the cirque? Any other advice?



    P.S.: I used the 12 wk freeride plan last winter and the results on my goal climb/descent were great. I’ve seen significant AeT improvement and recovery overall. This is my first time testing the method on a rock objective and I’m already matching the performance of my mid-20s now, in my early 40s. Thanks again, Scott and Steve for providing such solid training templates to follow.

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    UPDATE: We did succeed on our objectives on Pingora (NE face route) and the Wolf’s Head East ridge this past weekend. That said, I had the stuffing kicked out of me keeping up with my genetic freak buddy (on the pack-in and on approaches with gear) who is also a new dad like me. He trains hard by sitting his ass down in his yard watching song birds and eating chips and garden-grown veggies… mostly kidding – he has a ton of AeT volume he’s built from his ski the 14ers project and other crazy MTB goals. Learned some hard lessons on not ramping up weights adequately per anticipated pack weights on my strength workouts and will adjust the mindset/plan for my winter goals.

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