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    Hi folks,

    Is anyone using a nutrition tracking app that they’d recommend? I’m looking for one that will let me customize daily macronutrient goals. Bonus if it’s simple, free and minimizes data tracking.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Rebecca Dent on #45817

    Hi Andrew,

    The most commonly used one (worldwide) is myfitness pal. It sets these requirements for you based on your personal details (height/weight/body comp goals) and activity levels. You have to pay to be able to adjust macros. Myfitness pal also syncs with Training Peaks if you are setting out your training plan using this platform.

    Alternatively you can just use a spread sheet and calculate the nutrition content of the foods you are consuming using food databases such as or This way you can set your own energy and macro nutrient requirements and track.

    There are a lot of other tracking apps it’s a case of testing some out and seeing which ones are your preference. Many of them are based around weight loss.

    Perhaps others will contribute to your post and offer other suggestions.

    Hope this helps

    Rebecca – Uphill Athlete Dietitian

    ARichardson on #45826

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for the suggestion and the nutrition database references.


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