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    Collie B

    Hi Guys,

    I have had a copy of TFTNA for a few years now and used it to train for a couple of mountaineering trips.

    I have run road races/road marathons and am now training for my first ultra in February of next year.

    Accordingly I recently purchased TFTUA, conducted the appropriate self -tests and discovered i have ADS.

    Since then i have slowed down the speed of all my runs and have begun slowly increasing volume.

    I am typically running 5 times a week, but my longest run is currently only 90 mins. My question relates to hiking – if volume at low intensities is the way to cure ADS can I add/substitute some hiking (3-4 hours, 500-1000m elevation gain) to speed up the process somewhat?

    Im aware the hikes don’t directly correspond to my goal event but i am looking at the next 6 months really as a base building exercise with an ultra at the end to round it off. I feel that as long as i can recover well enough from the hikes to be able to carry out my planned runs I should be ok?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Anonymous on #44657

    Yes, hiking can be a good supplement to build up your foot borne volume. Depending on the terrain it is quite possible that you will be doing some hiking in your ultra race. Like running hiking fast and economically is a skill that can only be learned by doing it.


    Collie B on #44660


    Many thanks for the reply, and of course the wonderful books, much obliged:)

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