First 50K- Thank You!

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    Hey Scott, Steve, and everyone else involved with this site,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into Uphill Athlete. I have been using the training techniques detailed in TFTUA for a little over 6 months and was able to finish my first 50k last weekend. I felt reasonably strong throughout the race and wasn’t destroyed at the finish. The knowledge on this site and in your book helped me overcome a less than ideal training block-injury(twisted ankle, twice), inclement weather and a broken treadmill-and finish my event.

    So, once again, thank you for all you do.


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    Thanks very much for writing in to us. We get a few emails a week like your post here. These warm our coaching hearts. It is what motivates us to continue making this information accessible. The whole UA team is committed to helping people achieve their own successes. We feel that education is the place to start. We presume, and from all evidence, correctly, that our readers are interested, engaged and able to absorb the information we provide. That knowledge then allows, as you have proven, our users to plan, control and monitor their training optimally.

    Congratulations on your success and good luck in the future.


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