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    I am going to be finishing the 12 week free ride plan in a few weeks. I have been following pretty well and feeling good and gaining fitness. I have one trip following the finish, then I am wondering how to beat move forward. I have the general goal of being fitter and stronger for the spring ski mountaineering season, but no specific trip or climb. Is it better to restart the same program from the beginning? Cycle a large base period for the finish of the ski season? Start midway and do another me cycle? Also want to start a rock climbing cycle, but that is a separate strength deal.

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    To maintain the gains you’ve made with the Freeride plan here is how I would do it.

    Try to keep the aerobic base volume high if your spring trip involves a long tour. Keeping the endurance base high will be key to enjoying longer spring tours.

    If skiing hard down hill more than one day a week that will help maintain the specific ME you’ve built with all those squats.

    If not skiing hard down hill much then do the ME squat workout 1x/10days. Use the last level you to in this workout. Expect to feel the fatigue on subsequent ski days and not expect killer performance on those days.

    It should be possible to add in rock climbing strength during this period without these workouts impacting each other too much

    hafjell on #16321

    Thank you, Scott J. I have the same question and your answer is very helpful.

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