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Fatigue and Form

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    Hey guys,

    If I am repeating a question please direct me to where its answered because I definitely don’t want to waste your time. I have read a lot about the Training Peaks metrics, but I am still a little fuzzy on where we should be targeting our Form and fatigue… more for a general reference. Sometimes I will feel great, but my fatigue will be really high and my form will be really negative, and it has been quite the opposite as well. I understand the basics, just trying to figure out where I show be maintaining those particular metrics so that they don’t have a negative impact on my CTL. Thanks!

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    Barrett, as long as you’re being honest with yourself I definitely weight the personal assessment of subjective fatigue more heavily than any of the training peaks metrics. As Long as you’re mostly recovering day to day then you can stick with the plan and not worry too much about the form and fatigue numbers in training peaks. That said to answer your question a bit more since form and fatigue are basically mirror images of them selves I tend to just watch the form metric only. For most of my athletes in heavy training cycles it will dip down somewhere between -25 and -40 during big weeks but mostly I’m watching to make sure that it comes up near zero or even small positive numbers at the end of a consolidation week. If you look at the dashboard projection in the future you will also see what the curve goes up to assuming a solid taper and the date of the theoretical peak. For very well-trained athletes this peak number will approach 50. Hope that helps you think about the metrics a bit, gauging fatigue and making sure you’re pushing hard enough but not digging the hole too deep is honestly one of the biggest challenges as athletes progress and are doing bigger and harder training cycles approaching a goal. Make sure you’re taking at least one rest day a week, honoring the consolidation week, and making sure sleep and nutrition are optimized.

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