Extended Base Period for 1-2y?

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    Hi all

    I am a 35yo desk worker training for my country’s reserve forces

    Due to certain reasons, I can’t actually start with them for 3 years, so I have plenty of time to build a base

    The selection is lots and lots of rucking in the mountains with weight

    Need to get to the point where I can do the following:

    – Run 2km in 8m
    – Ruck 20km with 20-25kg over mountains in 5h (ie 4km / h)

    I’m trying to plan out my training for the next 3 years and am reading the book – I’m looking at two options:

    (1) Run a program similar to the book and have maybe 5x 32 week periods with (8w Transition / 20w Base / 2w Taper / 2w TEST where I go into the hills with a pack for a week and climb some mountains)


    (2) Rather than 5 periods, split this into maybe 2-3 (or even 1) period, where I have a MUCH longer interrupted base period (12m+?) – and maybe have the odd challenge hike thrown in followed by a couple of easy weeks after

    (3) They run similar events (such as this: https://thefandancerace.com/summer-fan-dance-2/) that run 1-2x per year and would be very similar to the actual course. I could plan to do this once per year every year and build up for the full year with 8w transition, long base (40w?), 2w taper

    Thoughts? Can the base period be TOO long? If not, then I will run it for 2 years!

    Do you think I’d benefit from the personalised coaching?

    If extending the BASE period as described above, how would you manage volume and strength vs. muscular endurance work? Just do the same progression as in the book, but slow it down the progression a little?


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    Shashi on #63982

    You might find the discussion on this forum topic helpful –

    Base Period: Max Length

    Option 3 seems better as you can train for these events 2x a year and see how you progress. (8w each of Transition, Base and ME). If this is the first time you are following a structured training plan, be conservative with the weekly volume.

    solidgk on #64566

    Thanks for that

    Would you really go 16w per year of transition?

    What do you think are best strength movements for my applications.

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