Explanation for big HR variance?

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    Hi all-
    I’m in my climbing specific phase for my objective after many months of fractured training (I work in health care, COVID means short term schedule disruptions). My objective isn’t impressive, the profile is Day 1 2k gain, back to car; Day 2 3.5k gain, camp, Day 3 1.5k to summit then back home. My training goal was to accomplish this and “Day 4” feel normal.

    I have 10 days left (which I’ve planned out for recovery, low/slow stuff). I just completed my last “hard training sessions” so it looked like:
    Day 1: 2k gain, 20 pounds (I weigh 145)
    Day 2: 3.5k gain, 35 pounds
    D3 Rest
    D4 Rest
    D5: 2k gain 10 pounds (will explain)
    D6: 3.5k gain 35 pounds.

    My day 2 workout I felt TERRIBLE. My HR was rarely lower than 160 (AET 140) and I felt bad. I’d slept fine, rested fine, not hungover etc. So for my Day 5 climb (I felt recovered) I dropped weight to be “extra safe” and felt normal. Day 6 I did the same trail, same distance, same weight and felt infinitely better, HR on the Z2/Z3 borderline 145 and under. Overall pace (4h15m) same within a few minutes. The big difference was Day 2 was hot (90s) and Day 6 was during a hurricane (70’s and raining). I’d felt some effect from heat in the past but never that much; could that explain it? I want to learn and adjust for the future, thanks.

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    Sorry to be slow responding.

    Since you mention the hurricane I am going to assume you are in the Eastern US and so not at altitude. The symptoms you mention sound just like those you might have on Day 2 at altitude.

    Heat will have a similar effect. Your perceived exertion will be much higher and this will be exacerbated by added weight. The capillaries in your skin dilate to dump heat. This increases blood flow to the skin and means less blood/O2 for the working muscles. HR goes up, respiration goes up and effort goes up.


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