Cortisone for minor knee cartilage issue

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    66 yo – lots of miles from running (no longer) and alpine trips. Had some knee swelling and pain, MRI shows some pitting in cartilage in limited area. No meniscus tears. Doc has suggested cortisone shot to help settle it down. Interested in your experience. Thanks.

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    Anurag Doshi on #69634

    I have a cartilage issue in my Patella (knee cap). My doctor told me to stay from Cortisone injections and instead get a PRP. He had explained to me that PRP is not covered by insurance but I did go for PRP and climbed Rainier (was allowed to go only upto 11,200 due to weather) after that.

    jimkeany on #69635

    Thanks. My ortho said give one shot of cortisone before jumping to PRP. Thinking on cortisone has changed in last decade. Had shot this morning, so we’ll see. Studies on PRP show best results with 2-3 treatments months apart. Good on Rainier. Regularly ski up there on Frying Pan or Muir to Nisquslly Chute – to bridge. Hopefully back at it soon

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