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    In the post KIS strength training, House suggest doing 2 workouts every week. Does this mean throughout the year, or only in the base-period?


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    Steve House on #5920

    Hi Kristian,
    Most, if not all, endurance coaches I know go with 2 strength workouts per week. The reason for this is recovery. You want to have about 72 hours of recover between strength sessions, which means that when you lay it out, you get 2/week. Of course you can do more strength work per week, this is why some people that do strength 4 days/week have ‘legs day’ and an ‘arms day’, they’re keeping the 72-hours of recovery between sessions that target the same muscle groups.
    And yes, I am also referring, to the transition and base periods. Strength training often takes the form B and C priority events and specific training sessions such as uphill pack carries, for example, during the specific period.

    kobbenes on #5926

    Thanks for the reply! I have used the killer-core routine only during transition- and base-periods (2x/week), but if I understand correct I will get the full benefit if I include 2 core workouts/week throughout the year, also through the climbing-specific periods?

    On the side, in my 35th year and 4th year of TFTNA-training plan I’m stronger than ever and hitting it harder then ever before in the mountains! Thanks for a great and inspiring book!


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