Core n General Strength, ME Workout ,Hill Sprints into early base period week.

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    So i’m trying to find the best way to fit Core n General Strength, ME WORKOUT and Hill Sprints into the early base period. The previous week i did the ME workout on Thursday PM as mentioned in the early based period figure 13.1 on page 347. The core and general strength i did on Tuesday PM. I was really sore from the ME gym workout even though i did 3 sets x 10 reps for each exercise. Despite from being sore i did the Hill Sprints on Friday Am. 4 x 10 sec steep stair reps instead of 6-8.

    This week i started with
    Total Distance 57km
    day1: Off day
    day2: am 15% of total distance with flat strides p.m General Strength n Core

    My thoughts for the rest of the week are:

    day3: a.m 20% of total distance (medium/long run)

    day4: 10-15% of total distance a.m Hill Sprints 6-8 HOURS Later p.m ME – Gym Based workout

    day5: a.m 10% of total distance-time (recovery)

    day6: 15% of total distance

    day7: 25-35% of total distance

    The reason i thought of this is to leave more space between the ME workout and Sundays longest run. Of course i understand that day4 now will be a really hard day by combining the two workouts. But by leaving one easy day and one shorter run before the long on Sunday, i think there can be enough time to recover.

    I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you

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    JGwartney on #28608

    I would say that if you’re getting sore after the ME workout, especially if you shortened the workout, you should focus on building muscular endurance and skip the hill sprints until later in your base period.

    I understand the soreness, split squat jumps set my hamstrings and glutes on fire! Muscular endurance is definitely something I need to work on as well.

    What stage of general strength workout are you doing?

    Anonymous on #28613

    I agree with JGwartney.

    You are doing too much muscularly intense work too close together. This is going to lead to a bad crash if you do not space these father apart. My recommendation would be to either focus on the hill sprints OR the ME during this period. But not both.


    Aaron on #28617

    For context in the base period of the Big Vert plan UA has Tuesdays as the ME days, Z1 or recovery Wed/Thurs and Friday as either a general strength workout or hill sprints depending on the results of functional hip/leg testing. I was generally sore from the ME for 2-3 days and needed that spacing to the hill sprints and weekend long runs.

    exarchoste on #28620

    Thank you guys for your time.

    And to answer the question. My general strength is kind of good because i have been doing general strength exercises and core work for some years now. I did the tests for the legs and hips and i was fine. So i moved to Stage 3 general strength workout straight away. However i started with relatively low weights and sometimes i do 2 or 3 sets instead of 4.

    About the gym based ME endurance workout, i also think that the exercise that made the biggest impact was the split squat jumps. I had rarely performed this exercise in the past. I think next time i’m going to keep the total reps <20.

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