Confusing Training Instructions

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    “1 hr run on flats at or below AeT with pick ups (4×10 sec) up to fun fast pace (NOT 100% sprint) with 3min recovery (easy running/hiking) between)”

    What is “4X10 sec”? Am I doing “40 sec pickup with 3 min recovery” over and over again for an hour? Just confusing.

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    Garret on #57144

    You do a total of 4 pickups during your run. Each pickup is 10 seconds long. Take 3 minutes of easy running between each pickup.

    jthedges93 on #58295

    Is it important to keep your heart rate below AET during the pick up portion of the run? For example, for a “30 min. easy paced conditioning run with pick ups” it says to do a 20 min. easy run followed by 6-8x/ 20-30s pick ups, which will get me to 30 min. For the last 10 min. of the run (the “pick up” portion), should I keep my heart rate below AET, or is it okay for it to go over during this portion?



    Aaron on #58404

    Pretty sure during pickups going over AeT is fine. 10-30sec pickups will be short enough that your heart rate increase won’t peak to mid to end or past the pickup. Like in steep 10 sec hill sprints at ‘zone 5’ your HR never actually has time to get there.

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