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    Jeanie Ringelberg

    Hi Everyone!

    Would love to hear from you all – where do you live? what are you training for? what’s your background? what made you join this group? any experience that would be helpful for others? whatever else you want to share! Thanks!

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    Nicole Williams on #58040

    This is a really great idea, Jeanie! I live in Salt Lake City and like to road run and backcountry ski. I had to take some time off this year because of fertility/hormone issues, so I thought this group would be a great way to have structured workouts and be inspired by other awesome ladies. If all goes well, I’m ultimately hoping to wiggle into spandex and compete in a few skimo races this winter.

    I’d also love to hear everyone else’s background and goals!

    Anonymous on #58043

    Great idea Jeanie! Thanks for starting the chat ( :

    Rebecca Carter on #58085

    I am from Wenatchee, WA and need to gain some strength and see if I can figure out how to climb Mt Rainier this summer. I had an unsuccessful attempt last year due to altitude sickness but successfully summited Mt. Baker. I recently hiked south Rim to river to rim of Grand Canyon, and I want to get stronger so I don’t get injured, but I find that many training programs push me too hard too fast and my body rebels. I am almost 2 years post-partum from my 5th baby, and I am still breastfeeding. I would like to not fall apart while training and enjoying hiking!

    mmingus on #58086

    I am from Sherman, CT and 2 days a week in NYC where I still work as a pain management physician (private practice). I have been training for 3 years to attain my diploma in mountain medicine (Wilderness Medical Society), finally finishing the last module at Mt. Hood with Alpine Crevasse Rescue. I also hope to get to Mt. Rainier this summer! I rock and ice climb, work as a ski patroller in CT, teach nordic skiing to patrollers and would like to be more proficient at skimo – without feeling like I was having a heart attack on the uphills! My goals are to gain more strength and endurance and slow down the aging process. I have an 18 month old granddaughter and another one on the way!

    Jeanie Ringelberg on #58134

    Thanks for sharing so far! I live in SW Colorado in Dolores. I’m an ER doc and work on the Navajo reservation in Shiprock, NM. I feel like I got caught up in COVID and commuting (allows me to do meaningful work but live in CO) for the last two years which unfortunately has negatively impacted my own fitness. I’m looking to get back into shape and back in the mountains. I love trail running, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, being outside with my dog. I’ve never really trained before so look forward to learning from all of you! I hope at some point to run the R2R2R, participate in a trail triathlon and try one more new thing (maybe an uphill race?)!

    vstrachan22 on #58145

    Great to meet you guys πŸ™‚

    I’m based in Edinburgh, UK and am originally from Australia. I really love hill walking and mountain climbing – have done a bit in the Alps, Scotland obviously and South America. Having been pretty fit for the last 10 years, the pandemic kind of ruined it all and I found myself hunched over a laptop for 10 hours a day, grateful for my job but doing almost no physical activity. Now that things are sort of returning to normal, I’m super keen to build back up – slowly and hopefully without injury. I’m definitely starting from zero on the base programme and crossing fingers it doesn’t kill me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Catherine Fitzgerald on #58241

    Hello all!
    I live in update New York and love the outdoors with hiking, skiing, etc. My kids (ages 11 and 8) think we hike quite a bit, but I wish we did more. For general fitness, I started doing HIIT sessions a few years ago. Then I started road running more about two years ago “just for me” having never had runs much longer than 3-4 miles. I challenged myself to run a half marathon distance and worked my way there in fall 2020. My 2021 goal was a real half marathon race in sub 2 hours. Last month, I completed the Lake Placid half in 1:56. My prep for that was the first time I’d ever consistently followed a training plan and I was afraid to not have one…thus joining this group. I knew of Uphill Athlete already and decided to get into a plan before I lost my confidence and routine, and I knew it would help me stay fit for skiing (even if my skiing is at my kids’ pace – I can outpace them in XC but not downhill). Ha!
    Areas where I need improvement: Not being so hard on myself, prioritizing stretching, learning new motivation tactics due to the change in weather temps and daylight…
    Goal: Besides not losing the fitness I’ve gained over the past two years, I don’t know what my next “thing” is. I’m interested in longer trail runs; however, the Adirondacks are pretty tough trails for running and I need to do some research on local options. I’ll take recommendations from any others familiar with my area.
    Thank you and happy to be on this journey with you.

    Emese Foss on #58250

    Hi, my name is Emese (pronounced Emma-sha) and I’m from Berkeley, CA. For the last few years, I spend spring, summer and fall in the Transylvanian region of Romania where I have a high end immersive agritourism guesthouse with organic farm.

    I started mountaineering and rock climbing in the early 1990’s, along with other extreme sports like mountain biking, white water kayaking, windsurfing and racing 2 person sail boats. I’ve been on backcountry ski patrol since 2002. Very prolific climbing on the West Coast, as well as internationally. I’ve slowed down a bit (turning 60 this March), now concentrating on mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, etc. I used the New Alpinism book as a guide for training for big mountains starting in 2015, so familiar with the program, but wanted to get the most current info and try out a coached training program. I haven’t been too active in mountaineering lately as I took a bad step on a steep ice patch on Denali in 2017. My crampons held, but my ankle twisted, down I went with a 65 lbs pack, and ended up with 3 broken bones in my right ankle. (No, no helicopter rescue, but there was a lot of butt scooting before getting to terrain appropriate for a sled.) Recovery was quick but now I’m a scaredy cat on very steep slopes. πŸ™‚

    My goal for summer 2022 is to climb Mt. Blanc and the Matterhorn. Looking forward to getting back in shape and getting out in the mountains!

    sannk06 on #58392

    Hi! This is round 3 for me on FUA. I live in Denver and I am a longtime mountain runner and back-country skier. I am also 59 and have noticed changes in my training capacity and training responsesβ€”-super excited for continuing to work with a bunch of smart strong women on training. Sarah

    Amanda Lyall on #58492

    Hello everyone! My name is Amanda and I live in Boston, MA. This is my first time on FUA and am already loving the training plans, educational sessions, and community feel! I am a huge lover of the outdoors though growing up I spent most of my life at sea level. I was a competitive sailor for much of my teens and twenties. I still sail and race to this day, even to the point that I am a dedicated member of our ‘frostbiting’ fleet that race throughout the winter.

    I didn’t start getting into the mountains until I was in college in North Carolina. I started backpacking, rock climbing, hiking, with an on campus group and was hooked! Since moving up to Boston in 2014, I’ve been availing myself of all the opportunities in the Whites, Presidentials, you name it. I’ve also fallen in love with skiing and winter hiking. In 2019, my father asked if I would consider climbing Kilimanjaro with him and my brother in 2020. The trip was planned and then BAM…COVID. I had been training with a coach prior to COVID and maintained my training plan with her remotely throughout the lockdowns. However, the more I researched the route the more I realized that I might need specific guidance since neither she nor I have ever trained for this kind of objective. The trip is planned for January 2022, just in time to taper from this program. If anyone here lives in the New England area and is looking for a hiking friend, let me know! I have very few brave friends who are willing to come hike with me past November 1 πŸ˜‰ Amanda

    Catherine Fitzgerald on #58670

    Hello Amanda! I see you are in Boston. I live in Glens Falls, NY so perhaps we meet in the middle sometime, I come to the Whites in NH, or you could visit the Adirondacks in NY. Hiking buddies are great to have!

    Amanda Lyall on #58708

    Hey Catherine! Yes I would love that! I have not spent much time in the Adirondacks so it would be great to see another mountain range and make a new hiking friend πŸ™‚ Let’s connect off of FUA and find a time! Does email work to start? (

    Looking forward to chatting!

    Allison McCallister on #59001

    Hi Everyone!

    I know I’m a little late to the party but… my name is Allison and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I grew up a swimmer and swam from childhood, through high school and college but then stopped once I graduated. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, being on the beach, camping, surfing, biking etc but after meeting my boyfriend 3 years ago, my love for the mountains, backpacking and climbing skyrocketed! He introduced me to a different side of the mountains that I didn’t think I was ever capable of adventuring to. We live near a great park with lots of trails and have done a handful of local and NY backpacking trips.

    At the start of this year we decided to try our hand at climbing Mt. Hood (with a guided group). I began training with the help of my boyfriend and by following the Uphill Athlete book Training for the New Alphinism. This book really opened my eyes and helped educate me on aspects of training I never really knew about or understood. It was a great starter guide for training to climb bigger mountains. Unfortunately, our climb was postponed to next summer due to mountain conditions πŸ™

    Currently, we are training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Feb 2022 (13 weeks away!) and I could not be more EXCITED!! I knew when I started training for this climb, I needed to be improve on what I had started earlier this year and be more diligent with training. In August, I found out about FUA and am so happy I decided to join! Throughout my swim training I learned that I definitely train better with others and when I have guidance. I am loving the workouts, the zoom calls, and all of the knowledge I am learning. It’s awesome to have a community of likeminded people by side as I train.


    Sophia Kast on #59052

    Hi all! Also apologies that I am super late in contributing. My name is Sophia and I live in Rockport, WA, in the Upper Skagit valley/North Cascades. I am not training for a specific event, but rather to increase my aerobic base and strength without injuring myself for the hundredth time. I’ve done a couple other virtual training programs this past year through Cascade Endurance (Methow-based) which were good but I think I have too many physical asymmetries to jump into harder programs without working on the base first. So I’m starting at the lowest level and will hopefully progress through time while also being able to ski as much as possible once the snow flies in earnest.

    I do forestry research and have spent my career hiking around the deserts/mountains/forests and collecting data. The past several years, my job has become a more even split of office/field time and I’ve noticed I cannot simply keep up my fitness from work alone like I used to and so cannot just jump right into ski season full blast or train injury-free for a running race without first building that base. I like to ski my brains out but somehow always feel like I’m lagging behind the dudes I’m with and can’t keep up on the uphills. To that end, if anyone is based in northern WA and would like to connect, let me know. Always on the lookout for more women to ski with!! I live in a pretty rural area – there just aren’t many folks here.

    I am definitely one of those people who always underestimates what they’re capable of while simultaneously working way too hard in training activities. It’s really great to be part of this program with all you inspiring women to help build confidence and knowledge, while also being reminded to slow it down!


    Caitlin Cloonan on #60338

    Hi Sophia (And all!)

    I am based in Seattle, WA and work as a physical therapist! I am a splitboarder in the winter, and like to hike/ rock climb during the dry months. I moved here from the east coast a couple years ago, and have felt like I need to step my fitness up for the bigger goals that are possible out here. I am hoping to gain an entry spot for the Patrol Race that the Mountaineers put on this March, so really trying to get my aerobic base as strong as possible!

    Would love to link up for any kind of outdoor training days or fun days too… here is my email:

    I also have started at the lowest level, and have been really focusing on keeping myself honestly within my 1st 2 HR zones- which has been a challenge!!

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