Coach analysis of our data?

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    Anna Hern

    At any point in the program will the coaches be analyzing our data on training peaks and critiquing where we are at and commenting on what we should be doing differently? I’ve been reading and watching the zoom calls, trying to make sure I’ve got everything set up correctly but I’d love feedback from the coaches who actually know what they’re looking at. I’m a little concerned that if I set this all up wrong I’ll be training incorrectly throughout the whole program.
    Thanks in advance and I apologize if this has already been addressed. I’m getting behind on the threads.

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    Danielle Grundey on #59276

    Thanks for posting this Anna because I too have the same question and concerns.

    Steve House on #59296

    Thank you for surfacing this important question. Time-wise there is simply no way for the coaches to analyze everyone’s training individually.

    To get around this fact we try to create a community and a supportive atmosphere where we can share the experience of learning how to train correctly. Please be patient with the process as best you can. Making mistakes is indeed part and parcel of that process. Training mistakes are not mistakes at all, but the stepping stones of understanding.

    So I encourage all of you to ask specific questions via this forum. One of us (coaches) will reply. And we have found that this serves both your education (having to think through the problem and formulate the question is part of the learning process) and in making both the question and answer available to everyone in the group.

    Furthermore, some of you will find that you know the answers to the questions being asked! Please jump in and hazard an answer. This is a great way for your to further your education. A coach will still jump in and add in their $.02 in a supportive way.

    Questions that really have a lot of shades-of-gray to them will be noted by us and brought up for discussion in one of our calls.

    We want this to be a successful program for all the athletes and this forum is the backbone of the experiece.

    Thanks for the question!

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