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    Hello! Thank you for writing TFTNA and for the advice given online. It’s very helpful for aspiring climbers like myself!

    I’d like advice on what training plans would be suitable for my objectives –
    In around June – July, I’ll be doing sport climbing / alpine rock climbing, perhaps in Italy or Spain, and after, to do some alpine objectives (maybe PD – AD+) in the Alps.
    I hope to push my climbing ability to maximise my time spent on rock – and climb more on the trip, but would also like to be prepared for the alpine rock/alpine objectives as well.
    I was considering between the Rock-Alpinist (8 Weeks) Training Plan and Josh Wharton’s Rock Climbing Plan. Would it be possible to integrate both at the same time?

    For context, I’m a 21 y/o student. My climbing has still lots to improve on, at the 5.10 range, and I’ve some experience mountaineering.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Warm regards,

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    Anonymous on #37973

    Because you have an alpine focus right now, I would use the Rock Alpinist plan. That has rock climbing workouts as well as endurance work. As you progress, you can consider a more rock-centric program later.

    I hope that helps.

    chiew on #39155

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the reply. I’ve purchased the Rock Alpinist plan.

    If I have about 3 months to go before my trip, and the plan is for 8 weeks, how would you advise that I modify the plan to fit my time frame?

    Thank you very much for your assistance!

    Anonymous on #39245

    I would add three weeks to the base period (the weeks that include the Outdoor Mileage workouts) and one week to the build period (that includes the Recruitment workouts).

    For each phase, you can start as prescribed, but progress the workouts further than what are in the current plan.

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