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    Looking into the mountain fit program and looking for some feedback, pros and cons. 60 years old, experience with barbells and kettlebells, but also a history of injuries (knees) and some nagging issues, mostly shoulders. Try to stay active across the year, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking. Thanks in advance.

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    Shashi on #57752


    There is some good discussion here –

    This podcast might also help –

    The Uphill Athlete Podcast: Chamonix Mountain Fit

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.

    mike on #57755

    Thanks Shashi. I will re listen to the podcast. I actually tried the discussion link today, but nothing came up. I got the same results when I used your link?

    ray.martin3 on #57785

    I have been doing it the last few months and really like it, but I also enjoy physio type activities. Neal has done a great job with this program and you can progress the levels at your own pace. Some of those movements/segments seem easy but they build off one another and sneak up on you. The program definitely targets the knees and shoulders (and core), so it sounds like it would serve you well.

    Shashi on #57795

    Mike – If you look for Forum Index topic to the right, you should see Chamonix Mountain Fit as one of the tags. Click on it and you will see some discussions on TSS, how it fits in with overall training, etc.

    I did two cycles of 24-week mountaineering plan before following the Core/General strength and Max Strength routine. Since last month, I have been doing Chamonix Mountain Fit Level 1 and as Ray said Neal has done a great job explaining the workouts. Level 1 needs minimal equipment (ski pole, water bottle) and you have single-leg, core, shoulder workouts.

    You can reduce the intensity by doing easier variation or by reducing reps. If you decide to buy the plan and for some reason, you find it not suitable for you, just send an email to

    Kyle Brundage on #57809

    Honestly, I hate it! But that’s probably why I need it the most. I work a desk job, so a lot of times it feels like lifting weights or doing cardio on the treadmill and stairmill isn’t doing everything it should be. The Chamonix Fit program gives me extra balance, makes me feel more athletic and confident and that I am using the right muscles and that I will be more robust in the mountains on varied terrain, especially when you consider a good portion of the movements are intended to be done in a fatigued state for injury prevention. I worked my way through all the Levels, and it took a really long time to develop the hip/glute and core portions without hitting failure. As a previous powerlifter that hit a 405lb squat it was quite embarrassing. Two thumbs up for the program, it’s important to build that quality of movement.

    mike on #57813

    Thanks for all of the feedback. I purchased the program and will start trying to work my way through. I especially like the idea of building strength with athletic, quality movements. Also, balance movements will certainly be helpful as I stay active (and older).

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