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    Steve House

    Hello athletes,

    Are there any Chamonix Mountain Fit users out there that have the time-stamps of where each section starts. If you did, and could share them with me, I could embed them in the video descriptions so that others could easily find them.


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    Jane Mackay on #61869

    Steve, if nobody has a ready-made list, I’d be happy to go through the video and create one for one of the levels.

    Steve House on #61914

    Jane-That would be amazing. Thank you. You can email me the results and I’ll get them up onto the product page.
    thank you!

    ryanpaul on #62237

    Level 2
    Intro 00:00
    Activation 1 00:38
    Activation 2 11:22
    Movement Fundamentals 14:45
    Circuit 34:24
    Dynamics 44:16
    Dynamic Control 47:30
    Reset 56:38


    shalinpatel00 on #62699

    Is there a version of CMF that is shorter, like not a whole hour long? Sometimes I really only have 30 minutes, but I really want to do some preventative strength work.


    Jane Mackay on #62723

    I don’t know if there’s a shorter version in the works, but here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. If you want mainly a lower body/muscular endurance workout, you could do a good, brief warmup (make sure it prepares you properly) and then start the video at the circuit and do it to the end. The circuit starts about halfway through each level. Here are the timestamps:
    L1: 36:10
    L2: 34:24
    L3: 28:51
    L4: 35:10

    2. If you want a workout that incorporates more upper body and core, you could start from the beginning, go as far as the circuit, and then skip to the reset to restore your body to its working mobility. Here are the timestamps for the reset for each level:
    L1: 01:00:46
    L2: 56:38
    L3: 56:09
    L4: 57:56

    ryanpaul on #62824

    there is a shorter version available currently, its called lite and its part of the subscription

    ryanpaul on #62825

    Time Stamps Level 3 – ouch!

    intro: 0:00
    activation 1 0:43
    activation 2 11:03
    movement fundamentals 15:15
    circuit 23:55
    dynamics 43:40
    dynamic control 47:00
    resets 1:03

    Jane Mackay on #62826

    Ryan, thanks for the note about the lite version. I have the version that was available through the Female Uphill Athlete group training program, which seems to be a little different from the subscription.

    shalinpatel00 on #63497


    Thanks, I hadn’t logged in in a while and did not see that the Lite versions were posted recently. Thank you.

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