Chamonix Fit or TftNA General Strength?

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    Working through the 24 Week Expeditionary Mountaineering Training Plan again. I just completed it and took a week off so I am not starting from zero. My question is should I be doing the Chamonix mountain fit routine or the General Strength Routine as prescribed?

    Towards the end of the plan during my last cycle I would squeeze in two strength workouts a week. One being the Chamonix at level 3 and the other being the mini-max general strength routine that is prescribed in the plan during the last few months. I feel like the Chamonix plan is great for balance and core but sometimes its nice to just push hard and move some weight around. What have other people been doing? Thanks for your time.


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    We like the Chamonix Mountain Fit plan for general strength and conditioning. It’s emphasis on movement, single leg strength and balance and core is a great mix. I think the balance you were using in the last training block with one CMF and one mini max is a good idea and suggest your continue with that approach.


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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the confirmation. I really appreciate all you guys and gals do.


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