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    Listening to the podcast nor the explanation video I did not find an answer to a question that is crucial to whether I should consider buying for the programme or no. While no equipment is needed, there is other limiting factor I need to consider when planning my training.

    I am limited to a cellar with quite a low ceiling: I can touch the ceiling with my extended hand while standing. This means no step-ups are possible there. Jumps are possible (if I don’t become a better jumper anytime soon), and when I tried muscular endurance goblet squat + ohp, I need a wide squat stance not to smash the kettlebell on the ceiling. It’s winter so I can’t really do it outside. Can’t find other options at the moment.

    Does the programme include movements that would be impossible to execute in this setting, and how many?

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    Anonymous on #50018

    Yours is certainly a special situation so it was not covered in the explainer video or the podcast. There are a couple of exercises that require to to raise your hands above your head. One is an overhead squat but you could do that as a normal back squat or bend your elbows without losing the effect. The other is a single arm overhead press but your could press as high as you can or drop this one exercise.

    You will get a great deal from this program even without these exercises.


    Reed on #50019

    I’ve started the program and have found it to be a worthwhile routine. I think the vast majority (maybe all) of the exercises are done standing or lying down, so your ceiling height shouldn’t be an issue. Similarly, there’s snow on the ground outside so my living room doubles as my gym. 🙂

    Anonymous on #50043

    Also, here’s a recommendation from Neil (the instructor in the videos):

    There is only one balance exercise in level III that has an overhead press, however that can be done in half kneeling (take a knee position). Should be no problem- if any issues he can contact me and I’ll send the adapted techniques.

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