Can I Improve my Aerobic base with this regime?

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    I have a question, or rather, a request for an opinion.

    Can the following weekly regime expand my AeT and improve my ADS? My Z1 starts at a HR of about 103 and Z2 ends at about 128. I don’t know what my LT is but tomorrow I am planning a LT test on the aforementioned ski hill.

    It’s been over a year since my last big project. With a huge decrease in sub aeT training time I maintained twice weekly very hard hill climbs (50% grade, 4k feet per week via forty 200 foot climbs) and the odd hike.

    While reading the basic material in the fantastic new book it dawned on me that I had probably lost a lot of my aerobic base and the hill climbs took up too high a percentage of my training time and were no longer helping me.
    So, I ceased the steep hill climbs and replaced them with 400 foot 15% climbs and much lower heart rates (low Z1 to mid Z2).

    Here is what I’m now doing on a weekly basis.

    Day one: very rugged, off-trail, difficult Adirondack hike, 8 to 12 hours. These hikes are broken into three parts.
    2 hours easy approach (HR’s 110-120)
    4-6 hours steep ascent HR = 120-150)
    4 hours descent and retreat (HR=110)

    I’m very beat up after these hikes and need 1-2 days recovery. I know they don’t help expand my base very much but they are part of a project to hike all 46 of the 4k peaks via off-trail routes.

    Day 4: I do 2 x 2000 feet of ascent at Mont Tremblant ski hill with an average grade of 25%. I can easily control my HR and keep it within Z1-2.

    Day5: 1600 feet of 15% ascents/descents
    Day 6: basic strength gym workout
    Day 7: 1600 feet 15%.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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    Neil on #23644

    I just established that my LT HR = 150. My AeT is 130 which gives me a deficiency of 15% (ie. 150/130 = 1.15).
    Now it will be interesting to see if the regime in the above post will result in any improvement. Not mentioned in the post is that I will be gradually and steadily increasing the total load.

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