Calories burn at AeT?

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    Does anyone know if there’s a way (theoretically) to come up with how many calories you burn per hour at AnT and AeT?

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    Anonymous on #36992

    Theoretically, I don’t think so. Calorie calculations are laughable at the best of times, so trying to pinpoint it for a threshold (where the speed varies for everyone) would be next to impossible, I think.

    I have seen estimates from gas exchange tests though. Because they are measuring the burn rates of fat/versus carbs, that estimate may be closer to the mark. At least it starts with a measurement anyway.

    kfj on #36993

    Ok. Thanks! So to estimate how much energy needed for an event is by trial and error during training.

    Anonymous on #37036

    I would start with general recommendations based on your goal event, and then experiment to find out what works for you.

    Note that carbohydrate intake during training should be lower than during races. “Train on fat, race on carbs.”

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