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    I’m currently in the last few weeks of the 16 week Skimo race plan (great plan by the way). I have my last big race about a week after the plan officially finishes. I have been doing periodized training for climbing for years but usually in 6-8 week blocks, then I normally after a performance phase stop training for about 2-3 weeks depending on how I feel before a new cycle. I restart the cycle with a new base period followed by strength etc.
    I have never trained for endurance/cardio cycles so I’m curious what is a typical time frame before I should start another training cycle for an endurance based plan (say the Ultra-running plan)?
    The race is April 2nd and I’ll probably ride the wave of gains for spring ski missions while maintaining a good bulk of zone 1 cardio for a few weeks. Then I’m hoping the mountains will start to thaw out for running and climbing and start a new cycle.
    Is 3 weeks enough/ too much before starting a new periodized plan and maybe forgoing a transition period because of my base from the last cycle?
    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Shashi on #63616

    See how you feel/recover after the race but 2-3 weeks would be a good break. You can skip the transition phase for your next cycle.

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