Big Gap Between AeT and AnT

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    Hi, performed the drift test for AeT and got around 142bpm which I think is about right. I did the AnT test (run steady/hard uphill for about 40 mins) and got a HR average of 177bpm. Obviously there a lot of ADS going on here but wondering if a gap that large is fairly common or have I maybe tested something wrong?

    Thanks in advance

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    nullkru on #73437

    How did you test your AeT?

    Bencrush on #80427

    My gap is 33%. Which is huge, from what I understand. I bought (on Kindle) one of the training manuals offered here. I only have to put in the work to improve my aerobic engine. This summer I have given up long distance running to improve my short sprints. When fall arrives in Kansas, I’ll switch back to a lot of slow walking and jogging to narrow the gap.

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