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    Not a training question mostly a ideal training/living location. I have lived in the Bow Valley (Canmore to Exshaw) for 2 years and love how close the ice climbing, rock climbing and skiing is from my doorstep. On any given day in 1-2 hours I am walking down a trail head to any climb I want. For people who have lived in South America, Alps, New Zealand etc, do you have a favorite Alpine Town that is suited for retirement to climb your life away? Crowds are a negative factor and so is a gondola ride to the top.

    Been planning an escape and would like to start building a radar list for some travel destinations post Covid. Been on the Training Program since October now and just want a dream destination to unleash on.

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    trygve.veslum on #52942

    Must be a reason why Kilian moved to Ă…ndalsnes in Norway. I`ve been there a few times but never lived there though. A town of about 2500 inhabitans including pretty many mountaineering enthusiats. Google Store Trolltinden, Vengetinden, Kvanndalstind to get an impression.
    I think further north in Norway is a pretty interesting area if you google Helgeland or Nordland. Not that much talked about but very interesting terrain. Not that far from Lofoten which is super popular (for a reason thogh).

    Rachel on #53054

    I live in northern NM (Los Alamos) and I think it has a lot of the awesomeness of Colorado without any of the crowds. Our local ski area is 15 minute drive away and we have an amazing trail system. Plus we’re at over 7000 feet so good for altitude acclimatization (downside is it’s not easy to train low around here.) It’s not a dream destination but it’s great for day to day living & training!

    Anonymous on #55128

    I’m in a very similar boat. I’ve lived in Canmore since 1999, now in Vermont since 2019. I’ll be here for a few more years and then… not sure. It won’t be the northeast US. Too damn humid and very little above treeline. It may not be Canmore either; it sounds like it has become even crazier-busy with COVID.

    You mentioned retirement, and I’m thinking with a similar long-term focus. Norway’s taxes are way too high. The ideal candidate so far is Andorra. Tax rates peak at 10% and there are no taxes on capital gains (below 25% ownership.) It’s in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, 2.5h from Barcelona and Toulouse. I’m hoping to go check it out once travel is more normal.

    Mariner_9 on #56592

    “Crowds are a negative factor and so is a gondola ride to the top.”

    Bella Coola? 🙂 Big mountains, amazing skiing and hiking but no crowds and no resort.

    nancywgrace21 on #59411

    Adelaide doesn’t get as much attention as other major cities like Sydney or Melbourne, and this is probably due to its size. However, this is actually one of its greatest selling points! What it may lack in numbers, it more than makes up for with the amazing lifestyle it offers its residents.

    Lizpie on #60653

    I live in Kodiak Alaska. I love love ? this place I never want to live anywhere else. Our mountains are short but steeply rise from sea level to 1500′ – 2500′ feet. Plus the mainland is mainland Alaska with everything. I am seriously considering taking up kiteboarding. We have a surfing community but the surfing beaches are an hour out of town on our one road. There is easier water to get to on the other side of town. My favorite hikes are 5 minutes away. My favorite beach is 5 minutes away. I have a Sitka Spruce outside my front window frequently full of Bald Eagles. This is paradise. Sorry no pix right now I had to hard reset this device.

    Lizpie on #60655


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    Lizpie on #60657

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