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    I am currently in the last 3 weeks of training for a 53 miler and was wanting some opinions if there’d be much benefit in the final 2 weeks before tapering to do back to back long runs. I know it’s recommended in the TFTUHA, but with the history of my last 2 years of training I’m trying to be a bit more conservative (overtrained in 2019, and injured w/peroneal tendinopathy) but I am recovering well the last 3 long runs of about 20 miles with about 4500′ gain, been getting about 55 miles/week the last 3 weeks or so, and consistent long time on feet throughout the summer, and haven’t been injured this year. Or would it be best to keep it conservative and keep focusing more on the quality of each run? Also I have done a 50 miler before (2018) and other 50+k’s in the past.
    Hope this makes sense and thanks for your input.

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    cogburner on #56873

    I personally would always play it conservatively so close to a race, especially if you have a history with injuries.

    The long distance endurance adaptations and durability takes a long time to develop, so you should be proud of the work you put in so far this year; the hay is in the barn! There is almost nothing I see to be gained in terms of endurance with 2 weeks left and a lot to potentially lose.

    So I would personally focus on the quality of each run (without overdoing it) and recovering in this final phase.

    TK on #57605

    @cogburner – Thanks for your advice, I took it and I completed my 50(ish) miler successfully and actually placed ok (8th/79 OA). I did do some “back to backs” by doing my normal long run on day 1, then did a long easy road bike ride on the second day so I wouldn’t have as much pounding from running. This worked well for me and I recovered each time nicely for the next week of training.
    Thanks again!

    Shashi on #57630


    cogburner on #57976

    Congratulations @TK! Very nice to hear about the modified back-to-back long days. I do that all the time myself (run one day then ride the other or run then roller ski, sometimes same day) to get big volumes without all the pounding. I think it works great but it’s hard to suggest unless you’ve done it and seen the results. Cheers!

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