ARCing and endurance training.

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    I’ve been monitoring my HR while ARCing and have been staying anywhere from 130-145. I try to do 90 minutes split into 30 minutes on 30 minutes off. This puts this training into Zone 1.

    Would I count this part of my training as a Zone 1 training session when I’m looking at my weekly volume. I’m currently in my Base period.

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    Anonymous on #8290

    In general yes you can and probably should. However it depends on what you are training for. If you were training to run a 50km race then the ARC training will not really increase your running fitness but it can be a good recovery workout. If you are training for along alpine rock climbs then this ARCing is very important base training for that goal. I suggest including all training into your training log by zone. As to how much benefit there is from it: You can see that this is not a simple back and white question. Be consistent though. That’s the most important thing.


    curriespencer on #8294

    I’m training for multi-pitch climbing for the short terms and Technical Alpine climbing for the long term. I’ll count the ARCing and other forms of endurance climbing into my volume at each zone. I currently do a little power endurance, very sporadiclimit climbing and bouldering and a lot more repeaters on routes a bit bellow my max grade.

    When you say to track all training does that mean to look at my average heart rate during each of these activities as what zone it falls in to?

    Anonymous on #9473

    HR is the best indicator (that we mountain athletes have) of training load for aerobic workouts. I wouldn’t bother wearing while doing your ARC training but running etc? YOU BET.


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