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    Annemarie Ketola

    I went off the schedule last weekend to compete in the Ski to the Sun Ski Marathon (40km classic ski) and then drove straight to Whistler for a downhill ski vacation for the rest of the week. I can feel my body is very tired and running on empty as I got home today. What would be the appropriate recovery time for these shenanigans? Also, would anyone know of a classic ski instructor? I’m a lifelong slow skier and would like to improve my technique (I wanna beat my time next year!)

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    Great question; I would say it depends from person to person. For a big race like that and then a ski trip on top of it, I would give yourself at least four days super easy. That might also need to be a week too. Start back training easy and see how that goes! Listen to your body (sounds like you are doing that); when you start getting good energy back, and your legs aren’t tired going up a flight of stairs, you are probably ready to get back to training.

    As for a ski instructor! It depends where you Nordic ski; it sounds like you are in the Methow Valley for Ski to the Sun Ski Marathon. I can give you some recommendations if that is the area you are looking in. Shoot me an email if so!

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