Any benefits to wall sits?

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    Would adding wall sits to my strength routine be of any benefit, specially when it comes to uphill running? I reckon it really gets the legs burning, but would that translate into some benefit or improved performance?

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    Anonymous on #8668

    Wall sits are a form of muscular endurance and will improve that quality fo sure. Mountain runners should work mainly on single legged exercises though as this is how you will be using your body in the mountains. Two legged strength exercises remove the need for hip stabilization. There are better single legged ME exercises that wall sits. Try sets of 10/leg weighted box steps minimizing the rear leg use and rest 30 sec /set. Try weighted front lunge sets of 10/leg with 30 sec rest. These will burn your legs AND be much more sport specific.

    Scott J

    tonys on #8678

    Ok. Thanks Scott!

    jane s on #81074

    I would think wall sits are a very good exercise as they are virtually injury risk free.

    exarchoste on #82555

    Hello. It is recommended in some general strength programs to add isometrics at the end of the workout. So why not add 2-3 sets of wall sits?

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