Anterior Ankle Tendonitis/Impingement

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    All of my uphill training recently seems to have flared up the soft tissues in the front of my ankle. I’m experiencing some significant tenderness when dorsiflexing my ankle. I thought it was some new shoes (and lacing too tightly) that caused it but it has continued despite not wearing those shoes for awhile. I typically do a lot of uphill treadmill walking, and this past weekend I did a long mountain climb that probably put the soft tissues over the threshold.

    Applying the RICE method right now along with some NSAIDs. Any other suggestions to get this to tamp down? My A-goal race is the Pikes Peak Ascent, 5 weeks from Saturday.

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #25320

    It is a common cause for the tight laces to cause this type of pain, and for it to last for a while. I recommend ice massage to the area, and removal of any compression at the top of the foot. If return to uphill treadmill walking is painful, try the elliptical as that requires less active dorsiflexion.

    briguy on #25390

    Thanks, Pete. Some regular icing (soaking the foot in an ice bucket!) and NSAIDs have it already much better. I suspect in another week I’ll be close enough to normal to start up the uphill treadmill stuff again. You’re right, I think it was the tight laces that flared this up.

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