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    Ruth Blackshaw

    I am curious about the part in the instruction from the AnT test:
    “If the spread between AeT and AnT is more than 10% then do all of your aerobic base training in Z2. Redo the AeT test that you did on day 1 each month if this is the case.”
    My spread is slightly more than 10% (AeT around 151, AnT around 170 so I get 19 difference where 10% of 170 would be 17).
    I have 2 questions:
    1. does the above instruction include workouts that are labelled “recovery” and say “do all in Z1” (i.e. we ignore the Z1 part and do in Z2)?
    2. when doing a Z2 training, does it matter where in Z2 – should we be aiming for close to AeT or anywhere in the zone has same impact?

    And are we aiming to increase over time both the AnT and the AeT or just the AeT? I assume the AnT has a natural cap at some point…

    Sorry for all the questions and thank you!!

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    Alyssa Clark on #78397

    1. For recovery, you should remain in Z1 even if the spread is greater than 10%. That allows you to be ready for the longer workouts and tougher workouts.
    2. Anywhere in the zone is fine!
    3. The AeT is where you will see increase and be within that 10%.

    Ruth Blackshaw on #78633

    Thank you! Does it matter if we go a bit above at times or should we be strict about staying below AeT? For e.g. today I was out and mostly below AeT but sometimes it was going up into 160s when I was climbing uphill then would notice and try to bring it down again..

    Also I’m wondering for events – how would you recommend to pace in relation to AeT and AnT for an event I’m expecting to take somewhere in the 4-5ish hour range for?

    Alyssa Clark on #78658

    Hi Ruth,
    Really you want to try to do the best you can, I would say if you are more than 10% or so above Z2, try to slow it down more. For a 4-5 hour event, you want to spend the majority of the time in AeT (think 85% or so) as you can only hold AnT for a total of around an hour.

    Ruth Blackshaw on #78871

    Hi Alyssa, thanks so much for this! I’m still a bit confused about AeT + AnT and pacing! When you say “in AeT”, I’m assuming that means below the threshold right?

    When I did the AnT test as part of our current training plan, I got 170 HR. In March, I did a skimo event which took just under 4 hours and I had an average HR of 168… so pretty close to AnT but for multiple hours. Is that weird ?

    I have a trail run event coming up this Saturday (17th) and am wondering how to pace it. When I run at or below AeT, it’s pretty slow /doesn’t feel like I’m pushing much (I know that’s somewhat to be expected). Based on your reply above, I’m thinking I would aim to go at around 150 (my AeT) for majority of the event even if it feels pretty slow/ I could be going quicker and then pick up the pace further into the event? or would you suggest adjusting based on the AnT info above? I’m still wondering if I have the right number for my AeT!


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